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6 things you should know about social security

Plan Contact Information:
J.P. Morgan Retirement LinkSM
855-576-7526 | TTY 800-766-4952
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., EST weekdays | Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., EST
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All PDS Tech Employees: Click here to listen to how your retirement plan works.
Corporate Employee: Click here to listen how your retirement plan works.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I update my beneficiaries?

After logging into the secure site, navigate to the “My Accounts” tile. Click on Beneficiaries and complete the questions. Before you start, have handy your beneficiary’s Social Security number and birth date. If you are married, your Plan requires your spouse as primary beneficiary to receive 100% unless spousal consent is obtained in the event of your death. Complete the following beneficiary information as such. To designate a different beneficiary, you will need to complete a paper beneficiary form. Spousal consent will be required upon submission of the paper form.

How do I rollover money into my 401(k) with PDS, Tech Inc.?

Step 1: After logging into the secure site, navigate to the “My Accounts” tile and select your plan. Select the “Plan Information” tile and select, “Plan Forms”. Click on Incoming Transfer/Rollover and complete the form. Follow the fax instructions or the mailing instructions on the form. Please note that the form needs to arrive prior to or at the same time the funds arrive to invest according to the allocations on the form.

Step 2:  Contact the provider where your assets are currently kept and let them know that you would like to do a direct rollover to your 401(k) Plan with PDS Tech, Inc. Provide the payments instructions found on the PDS Tech, Inc. Incoming Rollover Request form. Need help? Call 855-576-7526 for assistance with this process.

What are my options if I am no longer employed by PDS, Tech Inc.?

Understand your options.

How do I view and update my retirement plan account on my mobile device?

You can view and update your retirement plan account anytime, anywhere from your mobile device or tablet. Download the J.P. Morgan Retirement LinkSM app in 3 easy steps to check your estimated monthly retirement income, make changes and complete transactions.
Step 1: Go to either your App Store or Google Play
Step 2: Search J.P. Morgan Retirement Link
Step 3: Select GET/INSTALL to add the J.P. Morgan Retirement Link icon to your device

How do I access resources in Spanish?

Spanish capabilities in English

Spanish capabilities in Spanish

How do I sign-up for e-delivery?

Log in to J.P. Morgan Retirement, click your name at the top of the page, then change your communication preference and complete the requested information. At any time you may change your delivery preferences or request a hard copy to be mailed to you at no charge by logging into J.P. Morgan Retirement or calling the participant service center at 855-576-7526 | TTY 800-766-4952.

Plan Information + Summary Plan Descriptions:

Aviation Employees – Plan # 169137-01
Summary Plan Description

Corporate Staff Employees – Plan # 169138-01
Summary Plan Description

Engineering Employees– Plan # 169139-01
Summary Plan Description

IT Employees – Plan # 169140-01
Summary Plan Description

Maritime Employees – Plan # 169141-01
Summary Plan Description