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Art Janes

CEO & Founder


Art Janes is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of PDS Tech. Mr. Janes founded the organization over 40 years ago, and since its inception PDS Tech has grown into one of the most respected staffing firms in the industry. PDS Tech is consistently ranked one to the Top 10 Engineering Staffing firms, as well as one of the Top 50 Staffing Firms overall.  Mr. Janes built an organization focused on delivering excellence to both clients and contractors. The organization maintains many long-term relationships resulting in consistent annual growth.

Mr. Janes received a BBA and a BSME from the University of Wisconsin. Early in his career and prior to forming PDS, he worked as a test engineer for Lockheed Propulsion Company, and a project engineer for both Defense Technology Laboratories and Bechtel Power Company. He later became Engineering Manager for Applied Engineering Company in California. Soon after, he founded PDS Tech with the intent to deliver quality engineering services within the Aerospace & Defense industry. PDS Tech has grown over the years to provide a spectrum of talent to meet our clients changing business needs and has expanded its subject matter expertise to support multiple client industries.