Employee Recognition

In the gig economy, PDS strives to be a premier employer and advocate for our contractors.  We provide bridges to connect short-term assignments together, so our employees have a long-term career. We believe in giving back through our superior benefits and recognition programs. It is our mission to create lasting partnerships between our recruiting teams and contractors. Therefore, we are pleased to recognize the following individuals for 20 or more years of service with PDS.

Brad M. | Mechanical Engineer | WA
Daniel B. | Product Engineer | MO
Donna F. | Technical Designer | MO
Douglas S. | Stress Engineer | KS
Jeffrey I. | Product Engineer | MO
Ken P. | Tool Designer | WA
Mark V. | Engineer | WA
Matt M. | Stress Engineer | WA
Herb B. | Tool Designer | MO
James G. | Structural Design Engineer | MO
Michael O. | Structural Design Engineer | MO