Welcome to MyPDS

MyPDS is the section of our website dedicated to PDS contractors. It contains important information regarding your employment with PDS. We appreciate any suggestions or comments you have on how to make myPDS work harder for you! Check back often for new updates and information!


The PDS Employee Self Service Portal gives you the ability to view and maintain all your critical benefits and compensation information in one place.

You may immediately logon to the PDS Employee Self Service Portal by pointing your web browser to https://ess.pdstech.com. A complete description of all the features and how to use the Portal can be found in the ESS Help Manual. Other manuals to assist you in using ESS are:

Annual BenefitsEnrollment Guide
PDS New Hire Employee Self Service Help
Quick Guide to ESS Direct Deposit
PDS ESS Password Reset

You will need your PDS Employee ID/Number (logon id) and your password to logon to the Portal. Your Employee ID/Number is found on any printed paycheck stub or may be emailed to you by using the Forgot User Name/Password link on the Self Service Portal login screen.