Important Safety Contact Information

24 Hour Safety Hotline: 1-866-528-9691

Dean Myers, Corporate Safety and Workers Compensation Manager
Office: (214) 647-9600 Extension 10159
Toll Free: (800) 270-4737 Extension 10159
Safety Related – After Hours and emergency: (214) 223-7815

Additional Contacts

Injury Report Fax Number: (855)-346-2939
Safety Concerns and Suggestions:
Worker’s Compensation Questions or Concerns:

What should I do if am Injured on the Job?

Step One

Injuries occurring during the scope of a contractor’s employment must be reported per the customer’s guidelines. Check with the company you are assigned to for safety codes.

Step Two
Call the Safety Hotline at (866) 528-9691. All on the job injuries, no matter how slight, must be immediately reported to the PDS Safety Hotline or the PDS Corporate Safety Manager.

Step Three
Report Injuries to your PDS “On Site” Coordinator, or if one is not assigned, then to the local Branch Manager.

Step Four
Complete and return a PDS Claim Report. Please contact the PDS Corporate Safety Manager if you have any questions or if you need assistance with the reporting procedure. Be sure all reports and follow up paperwork from your treating clinic, hospital, or doctor are faxed to the corporate office at (855)-346-2939.

Injury Claim Report Forms
PDS Tech injuries: PDS Tech Services Claim Report Form
PDS Maritime injuries: PDS Maritime Claim Report Form

Back Safety Training:


Respiratory Examination Record: Respiratory Examination Record Form
Respirator Fit Questionnaire: Respirator Medical Evaluation Form
Respiratory protection: Respiratory protection Quick Cards

Safety Code of Conduct
Please read and follow the PDS “Safety Code of Conduct” at all times.

Remember, your actions have a direct effect on not only your health and safety, but the health and safety of others. When asked to perform tasks, or repairs on any equipment that may pose a risk to the health and safety of yourself or others, you should contact the Safety Hotline at 1-866-528-9691. PDS Tech strives to provide their employees and contractors with assistance when it is needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.