Expert Financial Services Staffing Solutions

In the financial services field, success depends on having the people, processes and technology in place to ensure continuous operations. Even occasional staffing gaps can lead to larger problems, not only in regulatory compliance and the bottom line, but also in reputation, customer satisfaction, and other areas.

At PDS Tech Commercial, we specialize in providing financial services staffing solutions to help organizations fill strategic workforce gaps, whether on a short-term or ongoing basis. As one of the nation’s top 50 overall providers of contingency staffing, we’re well positioned to provide your organization with the accountants, audit team support, or SOX compliance experts you need. In addition, we’re able to provide highly skilled staff for administrative, customer service, IT and other critical functions. For maximum flexibility, we can provide these staffing services on a contract basis, on a Statement of Work basis, or as part of a Managed Services Program.

Financial services organizations need to be responsive to customer needs and regulatory requirements around-the-clock, every day of the year. But when gaps in financial services staffing occur — whether anticipated or not — it can be difficult to quickly find the help needed to maintain critical operations.

PDS Tech Commercial has a deep bench of experienced professionals and specialized talent, ready to deploy across the country on short notice. We are large enough to handle complex talent acquisition requirements, but agile enough to be innovative, flexible and responsive to your changing business needs.

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