Powerful Talent Acquisition Solutions for Energy and Utilities Companies

Organizations in the Energy & Utilities sectors operate in highly variable environments that directly impact their workforce and staffing requirements, including both expected and unexpected weather fluctuations. PDS Tech Commercial provides customers in these industries with flexible staffing solutions and the skilled, highly specialized talent they need to keep operations running smoothly.

We have earned a sterling reputation for supporting companies involved in the oil and gas industry. We provide the specialized talent our customers need, including engineering, HSE safety specialists, business analysts, emergency response technicians, and many other functions across the enterprise. We also provide the technical and professional staff needed to support oil production, such as engineering, construction, environmental, drilling and aviation support staff for flight operations to and from remote oil fields, construction projects and other activities. Energy companies are a classic example of how contingent staffing can be a smart strategy — not just for securing hard-to-find engineering and other expertise, but also for maintaining the flexibility to respond to conditions and opportunities that can literally change by the hour.

Meanwhile, companies in the utilities industry have their own unique challenges — some of which are also weather-related. Working with water, gas, and power companies, we’ve earned a reputation as the go-to provider of highly skilled engineers, designers and draftsmen for equipment construction, as well as a source for a wide range of seasoned professionals in other vital functions, from field staff, accountants, project coordinators, and executive assistants to customer service reps and beyond. We also have experience supporting talent needs for utility companies generating energy from renewable energy sources such as water, solar and wind. Due to the nature of their work, our Utilities customers’ staffing needs often change quickly. Fortunately, we can change gears rapidly to help utilities customers get the staff they need to ensure uninterrupted operations.

To learn more about how we can help your energy or utility organization maintain well-running operations in all its functional areas, please contact us.